Mountain Lion Additional Requirements



 The Mountain Lion can explain why a knife is a tool, not a toy.

PART 1: Where can I carry a knife?

He can adequately explain where and when it is appropriate to carry a knife. 

PART 2: How do I use a knife?

He can establish and demonstrate the Safety Circle.  

He demonstrates the proper passing and receiving of an open knife.

He has mastered safely opening and closing a folding knife.

He has demonstrated proficiency cutting with his knife in a safe manner. 

PART 3: How do I care for my knife?

He can explain why a dull knife is a dangerous knife.

He has demonstrated how to sharpen a knife with a sharpening stone.

He has demonstrated oiling his blade.

He has demonstrated cleaning and drying his knife after use.

He can relay the importance of safely storing his knife.   

Woodsman Checklist


PART 1: Where can I start a Fire?

The Mountain Lion can adequately explain where and when it is appropriate to start a fire.

He can define the Safety Circle regarding campfires

He can identify potential dangers near a campfire area.

He knows the Tread Lightly rules that pertain to campfires.

He knows the required safety tools needed at a campfire.

PART 2: Where and How to Dig a Campfire Pit

He can correctly name the steps to build a safe campfire pit.

PART 3: How to Build a Campfire

He knows the three types of fuel for a campfire and in what order they are layered.

PART 4: How to Start a Campfire

He knows how to safely light a match or handle a lighter.

He has safely built a fire using the three types of fuel.

He knows why fires should not be left unattended.

He knows to keep items besides fuel out of the fire.

PART 5: Putting Out a Campfire

He has safely helped extinguish a fire.

Fireguard Checklist